Every year we organise events to raise awareness and also fundraise for defribrilators for schools and public places.

We have raised over £80,000 to place 67 defibrillators in schools and public places.

Defibrillators help to shock a person’s heart back into rhythm during a cardiac -arrest. If one is available there is a 75% chance of survival, but unfortunately there wasn’t one available at the time of my son having his cardiac arrest.

Our ultimate goal is, that in every large public space there should be a defibrillator so that lives can be saved. Just as fire extinguishers are expected in any public place, so defibrilators should also be so accessible.

Every year, we also organise heart screening events in local communities. This is to help detect heart problems in young people before they become a casualty in the future.

The heart screening events have highlighted defects and helped save young lives.

This is why we are so very passionate to continue doing this important work.

With your help and support we can together maximise the chances of cardiac survival.

Short Documentary on Cardiac Arrest

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